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Thermocouple cables, RTD, extension and isolated compensating

The cables for temperature sensors are the heart of instruments that measure temperature because they are the ones that form the circuit that determines the difference in potential (thermocouple) or transmit the electrical signal (RTD), which then in both cases the measuring instruments convert into the temperature reading.

Siccet provides temperature sensor manufacturers with a wide range of solutions for thermocouple cables, RTDs, extensions and isolated compensating with high performance materials.
The temperature is one of the most important parameters to be monitored in many industrial processes and in the control of the operation of motors, turbines etc.

For example, the exact determination of this parameter makes the difference in the control of a chemical reaction, in the productivity of a refining process, the efficiency of a metallurgical furnace and for the safety of the workplace or the machinery/motors used.

The care and control during production of Siccet cables ensures quality and performance.

The cables offered by Siccet meet the requirements of IEC, ASTM, JIS, BS, DIN, and NFE standards
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Are cables that form the thermocouple circuit.

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The extension or compensating cables connect the thermocouple to the measuring...

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RTD cables (Resistance Temperature Detector) transmit the electrical signal that varies...

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