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Siccet produces high temperature fibre cables for extreme temperature applications such as foundries or to protect cables insulated with other materials to increase the effective duration in case of fire or of occasional increase in temperature.

high temperature fibres

Key properties:

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Fire resistance

The cables insulated with these fibres have, in addition to the excellent high temperature resistance, good dielectric properties and good flexibility. They offer good resistance to chemicals and are incombustible.

Siccet offers spiralled or braided fibre cables with different types of impregnation that make the product more compact and rigid (paint) or flexible (liquid silicone rubbers) or resistant to high temperatures such as fluorinated dispersions. Even when subjected to the impregnation treatment with paints or liquid silicone rubbers, cables insulated with these fibres are not suitable for uses where steam and/or oil is present.

The fibres used are:
  • Glass fibre up to 450 °C (type E glass fibre)
  • Glass fibre up to 650 °C (type R glass fibre)
  • Ceramic fibre up to 1200 °C
  • Quartz fibre up to 1000 °C

Type KX Armoured fiberglass cable Type KX

Armoured fiberglass cable

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RTD Armoured fiberglass cable RTD

Armoured fiberglass cable

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Type K Fire resistance cable in ceramic fiber Type K

Fire resistance cable in ceramic fiber

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