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The experience gained in various, and often critical, fields of application, has allowed the company to expand its production of special cables over time, even in areas which require very high performance.

production cables for Oil and Gas Oil and Gas

The Oil&Gas industry is faced with constant changes. Siccet is present in the Oil&Gas...

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production cables for Metal working industry Metal working industry

Kilns, furnaces for heat treatment, metal production requires among the best performing...

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production cables for Energy Energy

Siccet supports the energy industry with innovative solutions that can stand the test of...

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production cables for Aerospace industry Aerospace industry

Aerospace composites are increasingly important parts for aircraft structures ensuring...

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production cables for Food industry Food industry

Industrial ovens for cooking food or for drying pasta require an accurate measurement of...

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production cables for Chemical and pharmaceutical industries Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry environments may present high levels of...

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