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Siccet fluoropolymer sheathed cables guarantee flexibility and high performance in terms of chemical and electrical resistance at low and high temperatures (-200 ÷ 260 °C). They have the best combination of properties and are used in critical environments such as chemical and oil plants.

Moreover, when these products are exposed to pure flame, they burn without propagating flame and stop burning when the flames are removed.


Key properties of Siccet fluoropolymer cables:

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Substantial electrical properties

Siccet uses the following fully fluorinated materials such as insulation and/or sheathing in its standard cables:
  • PTFE
  • PFA
  • MFA®
  • FEP
Resistance to temperature PTFE: continuous operating temperature -200 °C ÷ 280 °C with peaks above 300 °C
PFA: continuous operating temperature up to -200 °C÷260 °C
Hyflon MFA®: type of PFA according to ASTM 3307, continuous operating temperature -200 °C÷250 °C

Electrical properties The fully fluorinated polymers maintain excellent insulation properties (dielectric constant 2.1) and resistance to voltage regardless of temperature and aging. The Siccet fluoropolymer cables can thus be used where reduced thickness is needed.

Chemical resistance Fluoropolymers have excellent resistance to corrosive and inorganic chemicals, including inorganic bases, oxidizing acids, mineral acids, metal salt solutions and peroxides. They also have excellent resistance to organic chemicals such as anhydrides, hydrocarbons, aromatic mixtures, esters, ketones, amines.


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