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The Siccet PTFE cables are produced through a taping and sintering process in a special oven, and are especially recommended if you want reduced dimensions and resistances to temperature peaks.
In fact, through its high viscosity and the fact that it does not melt, PTFE ensures the insulation form (and therefore that of the cable) in the presence of peaks that exceed the continuous operating temperature.


PTFE is a completely fluorinated polymer that retains its properties in a temperature range -200 °C ÷ 280 °C (with peaks over 300 °C for short periods), has excellent resistance to flames, it is highly repellent to water and oil and, after lengthy exposure to most of the chemical elements, its properties do not change. It also has excellent dielectric properties.

For example, one of Siccet’s PTFE cable field of application is miniature thermometric cables for ovens in the food industry.

Type K Armoured PTFE cable Type K

Armoured PTFE cable

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