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Production temperature sensors, special cables for industrial applications, composite cables, fire resistant cables

Today the plant operates on an area of 10000 square meters of which 80% are dedicated to production, and it has a production capacity of more than 1000 km/month. 70% of special electrical cables produced are destined for foreign markets.

temperature sensor cables TEMPERATURE SENSOR CABLES

The cables for temperature sensors are the heart of instruments that measure temperature...

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special cables for industrial applications SPECIAL CABLES FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS

Siccet produces special cables for applications in extremely harsh environments through...

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composite cables COMPOSITE CABLES

Upon request, Siccet provides multiple cables where types of cables with different...

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fire resistant cables FIRE RESISTANT CABLES

In the workplace, control rooms, civil buildings, means of transport, it is important for...

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cables for high temperature electrical resistances Cables for high temperature electrical resistances

Industrial applications often require electrical heaters which are able to provide the...

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