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Special cables manufactured with PFA/Silicone, PVC, MFA/Fiberglass

Siccet produces special cables for applications in extremely harsh environments through the presence of high temperatures, chemical agents, mechanical stress.

production special cables for industrial applications

Access to innovative materials (such as the new Hyflon PFA 100 series with a thermal rating of up to 300 °C) and high performers such as the fluoropolymers, Kapton® or ceramic fibres allow Siccet cables to be used in various industrial applications, such as the production of composites for aerospace, the furnaces in the metallurgical industry, turbines for energy production, reactors and refining columns in the chemical and petrochemical industries, and downhole signal cables in Oil & Gas.

Armoured special cable Armoured special cable


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MFA®/Fiberglass cable

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Special cable Special cable


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