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It’s now many years since Siccet introduced Hyflon® MFA® as the cable coating used in chemical and oil plants, or where the temperature resistance required is coupled with high chemical resistance and dielectric properties.


Hyflon® MFA® is a type of PFA according to ASTM 3307 and combines PFA properties with a temperature range from -200 °C ÷ 250 °C. Furthermore, Siccet MFA® cables provide a better alternative to the FEP sheathed cables because they guarantee:

  • a higher thermal rating (250 °C vs. 200 °C) and therefore higher safety margins to compensate for temperature peaks
  • the ability to cover a broader range of applications with a single cable
  • PFA properties

It is a fully fluorinated semi-crystalline material, thermally processable and combining unique properties such as chemical inertia, heat resistance, high flame resistance, excellent dielectric properties.

Type K MFA®/Silicone cable Type K

MFA®/Silicone cable

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RTD MFA® cable RTD

MFA® cable

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RTD MFA®/Silicone cable RTD

MFA®/Silicone cable

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Special cable MFA®/Fiberglass cable Special cable

MFA®/Fiberglass cable

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